Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Act to prevent release of Kayne West monstrous women hating music video

Dear Friends:

Melinda Tankard Reist, author of Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualization of Girls, has put out a call for the public to respond to the forthcoming release of the music video for "Monstrous" a song by Kayne West.
The outcry is in connection to a video teaser leaked by The leaked video is now being blocked, but you can get a sense of some elements of the video by watching this behind the scenes video: This behind the scenes video shows a "dead" woman laying spread eagle on a table in front of Rick Ross as he eats a plate of raw meat.
In just 30 seconds the leaked (but now blocked) video showed viewers image after image of eroticized violence against women:

· Dead women, clad in lingerie, hang by chains around their necks
· West makes sexual moves toward dead or drugged women propped up in a bed
· A naked dead or drugged woman lays sprawled on a sofa

The victims in this video are clearly women. Only women. And the men, Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z are far from bothered by the female corpses. They seem to quite like being surrounded by lifeless female bodies, apparent victims of a serial killing. It is likely we can expect more brutal images in the full-length video.

For more about the video and efforts to stop its release (there is a petition you can sign) see Melinda's blog at:

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